Yamaha ZX-6R Review – Good Choice for Motorcycle Racing Photo & Video Reviews

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Yamaha ZX6R is a Japanese sport bike, made by Kawasaki Company. Its production started in 1995 and has continued till today.

However, many updates have been introduced through all these years and Yamaha ZX6R has constantly changed from the beginning.


The changes include all parts of the bike, from exterior to specifications. The newest version has a very modern appearance and looks quite strong and powerful.

Its exterior is definitely a good choice for motorcycle racing. This Yamaha will look great among similar sports bikes.


It has a 636cc four-cylinder engine that enables a lot of strength on the racetrack as well as great flexibility on the streets. Clearly, it can be used for both purposes.

Yamaha ZX6R has a six-speed, return shift transmission that permits the highest possible speeds. This motorcycle can accelerate 0 to 60 in 3.6 seconds, which is quite powerful.

For just a few seconds, it is at full speed and ready to achieve the maximum.


In comparison with some similar models, this bike is more aggressive with better acceleration. That makes it quite popular among bikers. Its price can vary depending on a dealer.

Still, $23.000 is an average price for a brand new Yamaha ZX6R bike.

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Video Reviews Yamaha R6 vs Kawasaki Ninha ZX6R


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