Yamaha zr1 – best sport bike for every day Photo & Video Reviews

All-moto.net has prepared for you beautiful pictures of the bike: Yamaha zr1 – best sport bike for every day. At the bottom of the page you can see the video review.

Have you ever imagined of something with a supersonic speed? Well, there is no doubt that rockets are some of the objects with that kind of speed. But have you ever imagined how life would be with rockets running on the road?

I know it might sound crazy, but you don’t need to imagine anymore because we already have rockets running on the road. The Yamaha zr1 is one world’s fastest motorbikes that you need to get today.

Strong, durable and has an amazing power build up ability

The Yamaha zr1, has a 998cc, liquid-cooled inline 4 Cylinder DOHC engine that makes it strong enough to endure the harshest conditions ever. It has 16 valves to enhance its delivery power and efficient fuel consumption. The engine has an extraordinary high horsepower and a strong pulse of linear torque which enhances its power build up capacity.

Digital rider aids

With the Yamaha zr1, you will not need to worry about the control systems as it is well equipped with the digital rider aids. These aids include slide control, wheel lifter control, launch control, but just a few to mention.

This is one of the most magnificent motorbikes that the market has ever had. So what are you waiting for? Get one today!!

Yamaha zr1 photo - 1
Yamaha zr1 photo - 3
Yamaha zr1 photo - 4
Yamaha zr1 photo - 5
Yamaha zr1 photo - 7
Yamaha zr1 photo - 9



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