10 reasons to ride a Yamaha z6 Photo & Video Reviews

All-moto.net has prepared for you beautiful pictures of the bike: 10 reasons to ride a Yamaha z6. At the bottom of the page you can see the video review.

The Yamaha Yamaha z6 is the successor model of the successful Yamaha z6 built since 2004 and was sold under this model designation until 2010 as a sports tourer.

Why prefer Yamaha z6

The Yamaha z6 is a true legend! Whether on the road or on the track, as evidenced by the three Supersport world champion titles won in recent years, it is a reference. Racing with this MotoGP-inspired sports car, you enter the fast-paced world of Yamaha. The world of “R-Series”!

The new Yamaha z6 arrives with a new, more aerodynamic fairing and an aggressive look that incorporates all the features of Yamaha’s “R-Series”.

Controlling Yamaha z6

Equipped with high-end electronics and aerodynamic performance better than ever, the Yamaha z6 allows you to reach peaks of performance, while maintaining absolute control.

Features of Yamaha z6

  • Yamaha z6 new generation
  • Aggressive front with dual LED position lights
  • Aerodynamic fairing and bubble
  • TCS switchable to six positions
  • Shifter QSS for a rise of the reports without declutching
  • YCC-T, YCC-I, ABS and D-Mode
  • Fork 43 mm in diameter from the YZF-R1
  • Double 320mm diameter front brake disc and radial mount calipers

Yamaha z6 photo - 1
Yamaha z6 photo - 4
Yamaha z6 photo - 6
Yamaha z6 photo - 8



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