Yamaha yzf r7 – 10 reasons to fell love in it Photo & Video Reviews

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Yamaha YZF R7 is a very well designed race motorbike that has a quite futuristic look. It was released in 1999 with an average price of 32.000 dollars. The production lasted only two years, and many motorbike lovers felt in love with it for that time.

Especially those who love powerful and modern machines. But only a few succeed to get it because that was a limited production and just 500 units went out from the factory.


Yamaha YZF R7 is a pretty fast and can go 163 miles per hour. It has a 176 kg but still, it is not too big. In fact, it is the superbike of an average size. R7 also has six speed, 749cc capacity, and electronic fuel injection.

This model was probably the best among all others when released. The competition was usually far behind it from the beginning.


However, many other models from the Yamaha YZF R line were and still are quite good and popular. They are similar to the R7 version, and it is hard to find big differences in exterior look among them.

Clearly, they all have a modern and powerful design with vibrant colors. Still, their specifications can vary from model to model, but the newest ones are obviously the best.

yamaha yzf r7 photo - 3
yamaha yzf r7 photo - 4
yamaha yzf r7 photo - 5
yamaha yzf r7 photo - 7
yamaha yzf r7 photo - 8
yamaha yzf r7 photo - 9
yamaha yzf r7 photo - 10



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