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Yamaha YSR is an economical machine on fuel with a two stroke single –cylinder engine with full output of 7ps – 8.8ps for the 50cc and 80cc engines respectively.

It features a return type 5 transmission.

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Brakes and Suspension

The front brake is built with single disk hydraulic controlled brake pads and as of the rear brakes is the expanding drum brakes.

The telescopic fork front suspension is built with large hydraulic shock absorbers with internal coil springs while the rear suspension is a single shock.

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Physical features

The Yamaha YSR has a single square headlight on a stylish sport streamlined body, supported by an aluminium chassis. It has a stylish leather finished bucket seat and no passenger seat.

The controls of the bike; clutch, side mirrors, switches are positioned for easy and efficient use for the rider.

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Reviews and Pricing

The Yamaha YSR is a great bike for beginner riders as it is easy to ride and control with reasonable power and features. The bike costs between $1,900 and $2850.

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