Yamaha stryker 1300 Photo & Video Reviews

All-moto.net has prepared for you beautiful pictures of the bike: Yamaha stryker 1300. At the bottom of the page you can see the video review.

Hello to all our readers. For some people, motorcycles are just a mean to transport, but to other, these machines are a unique piece of art and even a way of life. There are lots of brands on the market, but one particular brand that always stands out from the many is the Yamaha. The Yamaha Stryker 1300.

A custom that at first sight exploits the senses. The Stryker has a low seat, very comfortable. The front tire is 21 inches wide, and the rear one is 18 inches wide, being the front brake a 310 mm disc, and the rear is about 310 mm disc as well. In addition, the distance between the axes is 1750 mm.


Yamaha stryker 1300 фото - 1


The engine is in the chassis, which has 4 valves per cylinder and is a four stroke one. The transmission is a 5 speed one. Its cubic 80-inch capacity feels like a very torqued and powerful engine. The operating position is very comfortable, the handles are a good distance for a person of average height. The capacity of the tank is 15 liters.

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When it is parked, it looks very imposing. Its particular sound, when turned on, makes you want to ride immediately. Despite his 293 kilos, it stands easily.
A very cool and beautiful design for motorcycle lovers indeed.

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