What you should know about New honda cb1100 Photo & Video Reviews

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Honda is a powerful automobile brand that amazes the bikers with its superbikes and through new Honda CB1100, they accomplish this statement once again.

When innovation meets style what will happen you can check out the new Honda CB1100 is a perfect combination of classic looks and modern power.


The new Honda CB1100 equipped with an 1140 cc powerful air-cooled inline four-cylinder engine with the triple disk braking system makes this bike unique. The six-speed transmission gives you the power to handle the bike smoothly in speed.

They have managed amazingly to provide the bike classic exteriors but with all the modern specifications. The bike is available with plenty of color options to choose and the starting price of the bike is around $12200.

The seat of the bike has enough space that two people can enjoy the ride comfortably.

New honda cb1100 photo - 1

Places for using

As the new Honda CB1100 is a superbike so you can use this during racing sports or when you are going to a sports tour with your friends.

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New honda cb1100 photo - 3
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New honda cb1100 photo - 9
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