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Hello to all our readers. For some people, motorcycles are just a mean to transport, but to other, these machines are a unique piece of art and even a way of life. One of the most well-known brands is Honda. They have manufactured various models for several years, and one of the most iconic models is the Shadow series.

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Honda Shadow refers to a cruise type motorcycle produced by Honda since 1983. It takes its styling cues from classic motorcycles of old and was produced until 1987. It seems a very stylish model every motorcycle enthusiast definitely should be aware of.

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The Honda Shadow VT700 according to Motorcycle Specifications website, it was the most radical motorbike Honda had ever built.
To that decade, the VT’s clutch was very innovative, because it was built via hydraulics rather than cable. Also, the one-way clutch was a plus, designed to avoid the rear wheel lockup caused by quick deceleration.

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If you are a motorcycle rider, this is designed to hit the city road or the highway.

The Shadow VT 700 is a vintage design for motorcycle lovers indeed.

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