Honda shadow 1300 – V Twin Extreme Motorbike Photo & Video Reviews has prepared for you beautiful pictures of the bike: Honda shadow 1300 – V Twin Extreme Motorbike. At the bottom of the page you can see the video review.

The dynamic looking Honda Shadow 1300 is part of the VTX series produced by the motor major. After launching the 1800 series, a smaller version of VTX 1300 was unveiled in 2003.

The twin cruiser motorcycle was revamped into a mean machine VT1300C in the later years.


Honda Shadow 1300 weighs a gigantic 700 pounds. It boasts of a powerful fuel capacity of five gallons. It features a classic body mounted on mighty axled wheels. It has an impressive transmission of speed 5 shaft drive.

To increase engine efficiency in cold weathers, this model adopted an air injection system. Energy conserving catalytic converters are employed to keep a check on toxic fuel emissions. The fuel tank hosts both analog clock and digital odometer.


Honda Shadow 1300 possesses intake and exhaust valves accompanying the cylinder heads.

The oil tank is fitted into the head box to maintsin a dry sump atmosphere. The powertrain is armed with lock and screw for minor adjustments.

Honda shadow 1300 photo - 1
Honda shadow 1300 photo - 2
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