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Launched in 2003, the Honda CR 600 is a replicated version of racer bike series CBR 600F. It offers an unmatched mileage of 127 miles per litre of fuel. It is powered by a stellar 600 cc engine capacity. The sportsbike touches a top speed of 252 kmph.
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Apart from that, the Honda CR 600 is fitted with four cylinders. The front brake is provided with a dual hydraulic disc with four piston calipers mounted in a radial fashion.

What sets Honda CR 600 apart from its competitors is its anti lock braking system. The state of the art technology averts possibilities of accidents on the race track. In order to manoeuvre the bike at sharp corners, a considerable weight of nine kilos was reduced.

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When it is a question of comfort, Honda CR 600 ticks all the right boxes. It is equipped with a digital speedometer and analog tachometer. The adjustable seat can be customised by increasing the height and split into two.

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