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Nothing beats the feeling of riding a Honda knowing your safety is guaranteed. The CRF 230 Honda has the features that guarantee safety and at the same time make you enjoy your ride on the road.

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Benefits of the CRF 230 Honda
Some of the benefits of the CRF 230 Honda include:
1. It has a top norch handle bar which have very comfortable grips.
2. For secure footing, it has wide-cleated footpegs and brake pedal.
3. For comfortability, the seat is low and it is motorcross styled. The rider has enough space for movement.

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Some of its specifications include:
1. Engine type is 223cc single-cylinder four stroke.
2. It has a compression ratio of 9:0:1.
3. Battery sparkplug NGK DPR7EA-9
4. The clutch type is wet, multi-disc, manual, cable actuated.

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The CRF 230 Honda headlight kit comes with a detailed manual, 35w bulb an on/off switch and a wiring harness.
The CRF 230 Honda is best suited for recreational riding.

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