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Hello to all our readers. Imagine you gather around with some lifetime friends and decide to set off on a journey and live great experiences that can change your life. Motorcycle touring is one the most practiced activities by motorcycle enthusiasts annually. Consist basically in riding long distances, enjoy the landscapes and sharing precious moments. One of the brands that actually manufactures these motorcycle models is BMW.

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This is one of the best-known brands in the world for many years. BMW besides producing iconic cars also is on the motorcycle market. it is a synonym of quality, design, and experience in the world of two wheels.

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One particular model of this brand is the K 1600 GTL Exclusive. A very powerful motorcycle with a luxury design. This is the top high class touring motorcycle, and is a 6-cylinder one. The Exclusive is the latest version of the GTL range.
It is distinguished above all others by the undeniable quality of its paint with its four layers and its bright and attractive color. Also includes ABS, cruise control and three ways of driving.

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The rider seat comes with a padded seat, for more comfort.

At any kind of road or any kind of weather, the K 1600 GTL allows you to travel faster and more comfortably than any other motorcycle.

Design, luxury, power, comfort, everything in one motorcycle.

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