2013 bmw r1200rt – your all time sport bike Photo & Video Reviews

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With over 30 years in the production of reputable 2-cylinder sports bikes, the BMW touring RT has come with yet another 2013 model; the 2013 BMW r1200rt.

This model comes with an excellent weather & wind protection, top class chassis, optimum ergonomics and a highly convenient operation with exclusive optional ESA II and ASC.

Engine and transmission

2013 bmw r1200rt has two strokes, 2 cylinder boxer engine produces a torque of 6000 RPM with a top speed of 201.2 km/h. With a compression of 12:0:1, the fuel system supports the Double Overhead Cams and a twin spark ignition.

Dry sump lubrication system keeps all parts of the engine lubricated and working optimally. Both the oil and air cooling systems work exclusively well. A 6-speed gearbox and shaft drive transmits maximum power from & to the engine.

An excellent fuel consumption rate (4.1 liters per 100 Km ) and little greenhouse gasses emission make this sports bike an eco-friendly and cost-effective road machine.

Power build up ability and performance

The chassis, brakes, wheels and suspension are at their best with perfect physical measures and capacities. The fuel capacity holds up to 24.9 liters, an equivalent of 6.6 gallons while the reserve fuel capacity supports 3.8 liters, an equivalent of 1 gallon.

This 2013 BMW r1200rt review is all you need to get started. This super sports BMW bike has earned an incredible rating in the market; you also get a 3-year lifetime limited warranty upon a successful purchase.

2013 bmw r1200rt photo - 1
2013 bmw r1200rt photo - 2
2013 bmw r1200rt photo - 4
2013 bmw r1200rt photo - 5
2013 bmw r1200rt photo - 6
2013 bmw r1200rt photo - 7
2013 bmw r1200rt photo - 8
2013 bmw r1200rt photo - 9



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