1992 yamaha wr200 – short form for wide ratio Photo & Video Reviews

All-moto.net has prepared for you beautiful pictures of the bike: 1992 yamaha wr200 – short form for wide ratio. At the bottom of the page you can see the video review.

The 1992 Yamaha wr200 was introduced in the 1190s by Yamaha and is unfortunately very unlikely to find one today.


If you are looking to get a little wild and take time away from it all, here’s your goto machine.The design came from a street bike that was popular in Europe and later introduced in Canada.


Its engine and chasis are specifically designed for off-road adventures. The engine is strong and provides a swift and powerful response in all the six gears.

It has a huge fuel capacity of up to eleven litres. It is fitted with bright tail and headlight for clear visual at night.


Its engine is liquid cooled. It has a capacitor discharge ignition and it is started with a kick. The 1992 yamaha wr200 is fitted with mono-shock swingarm suspension that comes in handy on bumpy roads.

1992 yamaha wr200 photo - 1
1992 yamaha wr200 photo - 5
1992 yamaha wr200 photo - 6
1992 yamaha wr200 photo - 9



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