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Honda outlined the 82 Honda Magna as a definitive cruiser by taking the basic idea of ??a cruiser and mounting an important, energetic engine. The bike was
exceptionally comfortable, intense and snappy and it created a whole new idea of ??Bike, the Power Cruiser.

82 honda magna photo - 1

History OF 82 Honda Magna

In 1982, Honda drove a 750cc motor cruiser called the V45 Magna. It was the start of a wonderful story as the organization continued to improve and scale up
the model, with large or small changes over more than twenty years. The main exhibit was available in Candy Maroon or Candy Imperial Blue for fuel tank and
side wraps and had chrome fog lights, instruments, and bumpers.

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82 honda Magna specs

exterior 82 honda Magna photo
Magna has an exceptionally pleasant and clean cruiser look with cool color schemes and a ton of chrome. If you examine it and you do not understand what it
is, you might even mistake it for a V2 (that’s a bit the meaning of cruisers)

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