1985 Yamaha FJ1100 sport-touring bike Photo & Video Reviews

All-moto.net has prepared for you beautiful pictures of the bike: 1985 Yamaha FJ1100 sport-touring bike. At the bottom of the page you can see the video review.
The 1985 Yamaha FJ1100 has an interesting look, almost like a racing bike. This motorcycle best suited for wide-open roads has features that you’ll want to put to the test to enhance your riding experience.

1985 yamaha fj1100 photo - 1


The 1985 Yamaha FJ1100 has an inline, four stroke engine with a horsepower of 125. It also has a 5-speed gear box. Its tank has a capacity of 24litres equivalent to 6.34 gallons.

The 1985 Yamaha FJ1100 front breaks are built with dual discs while its rear brakes have a single disc.

1985 yamaha fj1100 photo - 2


Apart from being fairly affordable, under $5k, 1985 Yamaha FJ1100 gives you a great experience as it has power and speed.

Though its got a chain drive as opposed to a shaft drive, 1985 Yamaha FJ1100 is considered more or less a sport tourer.

1985 yamaha fj1100 photo - 3
1985 yamaha fj1100 photo - 4
1985 yamaha fj1100 photo - 5
1985 yamaha fj1100 photo - 6

1985 yamaha fj1100 photo - 8
1985 yamaha fj1100 photo - 9


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